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How can I get my $3000 back?
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8/18/2011 8:59 AM (PST)

I ordered a custom set of Starkey ITC hearing aids from Dr. Marshall Shoquist, Advanced Hearing Solutions, in Santa Cruz in 2011 for $2955. After waiting several weeks, I called Shoquist and he said they were delivered to the wrong address and "destroyed" which was the first red flag. He said I could instead try a pair of Lyric WOWs, which he had in stock, and see how I liked them. When I asked about the price he said we could "work it out". He wrote up a subscription contract on 3-14 with the purchase price of $2955 for 3 replacements per year.

I returned them after about 3 weeks and asked for a refund. He said I would have to wait 30 days so he could get the money "back from the manufacturer". Subsequently he wrote three refund checks totaling $2955 all of which returned NSF. He will not return calls.

I did a background search and found out he has had numerous state and federal tax liens and small claims court cases. The BBB gives him an “F” rating for numerous unresolved complaints. There is one online review that is almost identical to my experience.

I took him to small claims court but he didn’t even bother to show up. He therefore lost by default but collecting is another entire process and no less arduous. I filed a formal complaint with the Hearing Aid Dispensers licensing board (Dept. of Consumer Affairs) which is another long process.

There is no doubt this guy is a crook taking advantage of people who don't know how to fight back, and has remained in business for decades.

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8/18/2011 10:00 PM (PST)

Hi Dorothy, I have also gone through there website but no information regarding cancellation of subscription ,I found. But yes, there were so much of complaints registered for the cancellation of subscription on Complaints board. There I came acroos the agreement the info that subscription will be cancelled within 10 days of Order. So, be sure you have mailed them within that limited time.

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