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Fidelity Financial Group Legit?
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1/24/2011 4:39 PM (PST)

Is Fidelity Financial Group legit? They say for $2850 they can get our loan modified. What do you think. Usually things that are too good to be true, are. Thanks

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1/26/2011 7:02 AM (PST)


Not only too good to be true, but advance fees in California are illegal. Assuming you are a CA resident, you may qualify for the state's "Unemployment Mortgage Assistance Program". This was launched this month - call
888-954-KEEP(5337) for details on the state programs for low and moderate income residents.

In general, we recommend that if you are having trouble making your mortgage payments we would recommend that you first seek a loan modification through a HUD approved non-profit housing counselor ASAP. The national foreclosure prevention hotline is 888-995-4673. This will connect you to a HUD certified housing counseling agency. They can evaluate your housing options, open lines of communication with mortgage lenders, negotiate a loan modification, and help you with household budgeting, all at no cost.

Good luck, the loan mod journey is not an easy one.

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7/31/2011 6:10 AM (PST)

If you ARE NOT an attorney then correct you cannot charge upfront fees.
I believe these people are forensic mortgage pro`s who look for loose written mortgages and predatory lenders and have lawyers-attorneys handle these cases.

In any event I am a skeptic and will visit their offices before I shell out 2850.00

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